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You show up to sweat and get stronger – but WE know you stay for the SMILES.


We believe that when you:

  • exercise and move your body
  • show yourself you CAN be consistent
  • find your community to sweat and get stronger with…

You’ll find your way to a healthier and happier life – and THAT is when the magic happens.

What Our Clients Say:

  • Walking into a new workout space is intimidating! There has always been something comforting about the anonymity of a large gym but that anonymity is what led to injuries and paying for memberships I stopped using. After spending a few months doing personal training at Get Lively, I progressed to online classes but ultimately decided I wanted more. So I pushed my doubting thoughts to the side and made myself walk through the door to a group class. Amazingly it has been exactly what I needed, the level of instruction and attention to form, the friendly culture that encourages you to push just a little more regardless of where your baseline is, and the genuine “see you tomorrow’s” that led to accountability. Two years in and I find myself looking forward to my time at the studio. I’m honestly not sure how it happened, but somehow I’m now a consistent exerciser!

    Maggie Lively
  • Jan is the absolute best instructor/fitness coach that I have ever worked with! If you think you aren't a "gym person" - this is the place for you! After a long break from exercising during the pandemic, I was so hesitant to start again. The community at Get Lively made me feel so welcome from day one, and it is now a part of my weekly routine I can't live without. Thank you so much helping me to live a happier and healthier life!

    Anna Escobar
  • I am a 43 year-old mother of two active preschool boys.I have always considered myself an athlete and pretty physically fit. After having my sons, both by c-section, I found it very difficult to regain my physique, especially around my lower abdomen. I started working out in Jan's Get Lively small group sessions a year ago and I'm thrilled with the results. Jan is extremely informative on proper technique and what muscle groups we are focusing on during the class. I am definitely getting my waistline back, and abdominal muscles that I thought I would never feel again are re-emerging! I'm looking forward to what another year of Get Lively can do for me and my overall health & wellness. Thank you, Jan!

    Julie C.
  • Jan is an excellent instructor, fun, caring, personal. She works well with folks beginning their fitness journey as well as those who are already in excellent shape. I have been attending her classes for three years, and have benefitted from her coaching program as well. She is simply the best.

    J Sapir
  • LISTEN UP PEOPLE! Jan Taylor is the first personal trainer (and I’ve worked with many over the years) who has gotten me into a regular exercise routine, made me actually look forward to it, and has noticeably increased my core strength, which is no small thing for a “sixtysomething” woman. I’ve never worked with a trainer who is so engaged, so attuned to my needs, and so positive in the process. I only wish I’d found Jan decades ago.

    Shelley Brauer
  • Being a full-time working mother, I would find every excuse in the book as to why I could not make healthy choices. While working with Jan, we were able to identify what my barriers were and make small and realistic changes each week. These incremental changes did not make me feel deprived, they made me feel like I was in control again. After four weeks, I learned how to keep myself organized and accountable without feeling overwhelmed.

    Lauren R.
  • As a full-time working mother of two young children, I realized I needed more than just willpower to kickstart myself into a new nutrition routine. As a health conscious person, I had become low-energy, tired, and regularly overextended myself, often feeling like I was on “empty” and taking on too much. I knew Jan Taylor was just the person to help get me on track. After just a few weeks working with Jan, she was able to provide simple and easy steps to create a balanced nutrition routine that fit into my otherwise hectic life; while making suggestions that helped me regain balance personally, physically, and spiritually. Within 6 weeks, I felt transformed. Almost a year after our initial conversation, I have the tools to make good decisions about my eating habits and lifestyle choices. One of the best things about Jan is that she is entirely present and focused on whomever she is with. She has a natural ability to put people at ease.

    Sarah Zengo

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