#265: Being of Service in the MOST Simple Way

A recent experience reminded me that there are so many ways in which we can “be of service” in this life.

Sometimes “being of service” to another can be as simple as listening.  It's almost a lost art form these days, but as a recent experience reminded me, it can be a real gift to another person.  

I mentioned a recent experience that called this to my attention…

It's actually two fold as I was connecting with a friend, and as I was listening to them and in turn sharing my thoughts, it gave me pause about my own life and things I had accomplished.  

Truth be told, I'd been in a bit of a rut prior to this… but having the opportunity to sit and listen to someone else, to give them that space, and then later reflect on my own growth, well, it made me smile for days.

Listen to this episode as I talk more about it.

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