Best Ways to Exercise with Kids

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Many of you have asked about the best ways to exercise with kids.  So the topic of this blog post is all about keeping your children (and you!) healthy and fit.

The most important place to start is with YOU.  Set the example for your children.  Show them how you make time and space for exercise and use this as motivation to keep moving.  And as we approach the winter months, a time when the couch and DVR can really suck us in, commit to keeping your family active and try some of the suggestions below.

  1. WALK.  This is the easiest and most accessible form of exercise that you can encourage your kids to do (plus it is free!)  If you live in a rural area, pick a trail and strive for walking with the family 2-3 times a week.  If you are in a suburban or urban area, map a one or two mile loop around your neighborhood and take that stroll.  Getting your children into the habit walking is a practice that will provide incredible health benefits throughout their lives.
  2. YOGA.  Kids yoga is growing in popularity as it helps children to focus and move with intention.  There are also many wonderful classes offered for “mommy and me” so that you can get into your downward dog without having to hire a babysitter.  Check out your local studios to see what classes are offered.  And if local classes aren’t available, no problem!  Set up shop in your living room or playroom.  Check out these Yoga Pretzel cards.  My nephews and I have been doing these for years. Yoga Pretzel Cards
  3. JUMP AROUND!  Kids have energy to burn?  Pop in a DVD and let them bounce around the room.  And don’t be afraid to join them for some fun and work up a sweat yourself!  This can be particularly useful on snow days… I’ve always been a huge Denise Austin fan (I know, so 80s…) and love this DVD: Denise Austin's Kid Fit

All this talk about exercise and winter has me longing for those summer months and morning bootcamp with my favorite clients….

Kids Bootcamp

Let me know how it goes and please share your favorite ways to keep your kids moving!


  1. Fradoodle

    Great ideas…the kids LOVE it!!! Good for the grownups too!!!

    1. Jan Taylor

      Sure is! Lots of walks to the beach and back!

  2. Elena Rice

    Awesome ideas – and also would like to add the impromptu DANCE PARTY! With Bluetooth speakers ever more present, download the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack and blast it while hopping, running, pirouetting around the house – your neighbors will love it too! 😀

    1. Jan Taylor

      EXCELLENT suggestion! That Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack comes in handy in many ways including pop-up karaoke performances outside of Cumberland Farms!

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