Are you really craving this?

What are you REALLY craving?
There's something curious and playful about feeling creative . If you have children or are around children often, being in their presence can often remind us just how imaginative and creative we all can be.
Exploring our creativity connects us to a special part of us that may have been dormant for a long time, and can awaken a whimsical side of us that can breathe new, fresh life into us .
So often we find ourselves craving things in life – often disguised as food – but really what we need to do is find a way to be creative. And there are so many ways to make this happen:
  • Get yourself some house plants or plant a small garden: something about connecting with nature in this way gets the creative energy going. Plant some herbs to put in your windowsill for use around the kitchen.
  • Get a group together and go to a paint night: these studios are just about everywhere now and with good reason, we crave creativity!
  • Plan a “cooking” night with friends: forget the stress of hosting a dinner party, get a group together and get creative making mason jar salads, overnight oats, or make your own stir fry!


  • Art is everywhere: this is a great FREE way to feel creative! Head out to a gallery opening, enjoy art in the park, or head on over to a local museum.
Exploring new things wakes up that part of our brain and unleashes our creativity, so find somewhere new to explore and connect fully to the experience.