Top Mistake to AVOID when doing a Cleanse.

The Top Mistake to AVOID when doing a Cleanse.

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So here's the thing…
We live in a world that desires instant gratification, the quick fix, and seemingly overnight weight loss.  Realistic?  Of course not!(And this is the mistake I want you to AVOID this fall!)
And everything has become so trendy… to the point that I can't stand to read many health and fitness blogs anymore.
So, is it then ironic that I am about to share with you details of my annual FALL CLEANSE?
Nope, not one bit.  Okay, maybe a little… 😉
But here's the thing…
Devoting a period of time, in this case, five days, to focus on YOU, to focus on RESETTING healthy habits, and to focus on setting yourself up for SUCCESS during the coming months that tend to dip everything but the grocery bag in chocolate, IS good practice!
Sure, there are lots of gimmicks out there… juice and detox cleanses that promise Hollywood results, but we all know, it's not real, and in MANY cases not even really safe…
But, there IS a way to “cleanse” your habits and nurture your body in a way that is both a wonderful expression of self care and can be a very mindful experience.
So here's why I love the fall cleanse program that I've put together for all of you….
  1. We EAT real food.
  2. We don't RESTRICT calories.
  3. We keep MOVING.
  4. We focus on POSITIVE thought.
  5. We SUPPORT and LOVE each other up!
Sound like something that would work for you?
Maybe you are looking for…
A chance to reset your healthy eating habits that may have slipped during the long and sunny days of summer.
An opportunity to give your digestive system a break, to focus on really clean and healthy foods, and to restore your mindful eating habits.
Someone to help keep you accountable, to answer your questions, to guide you, and to help you learn how to best care for YOU.
Just maybe you are looking for some tools to help you embrace – and maintain – a positive mindset as summer turns to fall, which we know turns to winter (the season of Netflix marathons, comfort food galore, and hibernating under piles of blankets.)
Honestly, I often dread winter… the cold, the shorter days, the desire to stay inside all the time… but I want to LIVE my life!  So as part of the annual fall cleanse, I've added daily tips on how to EMBRACE the season to help you (and me!) stay present and full of joy everyday.
What do you think?
Want in?
Would love for you to join us… click here to read more and registered…. AND if you are a current or former Get Lively client, be sure to check out your LOYALTY discount!
Working on this programs with all of you is such a gift… can't wait for us to get started!
Registration is now OPEN!
Our program officially begins on Monday, September 18
(deadline to register is September 13 so supplies can be mailed!)