Your Unhealthiest Vacation Ever

Cape Cod Beach Life.  Truro, Massachusetts
Cape Cod Beach Life. Truro, Massachusetts

Schools out, summer vacation is underway, and here are the top five reasons to abandon your healthy lifestyle and have your unhealthiest vacation ever.

  1. You want to gorge on fried clams, french fries, hot dogs, and wash it all down with ice cream and margaritas on a daily basis.
  2. You want to sit on your rump and not move for days.
  3. You want to return from vacation feeling bloated and not being able to button your work pants.
  4. You want to enjoy the first few days of letting your healthy habits go and then spend the rest of the week feeling guilt ridden.
  5. You want to have to recover from your vacation.

Now yes, this is written in jest as nobody actually intents to behave and feel this way, but how many times have you slipped into this space?  How often do you approach a vacation or weekend with the idea that you are going to let yourself go crazy and abandon your healthy lifestyle?  And the more important question is: how many times have you done this and NOT regretted it?  So set an intention to break the cycle!

So, now that I have had my moment to be witty, here are the top five ways to stay healthy and active during your vacation:

  1. Understand the difference between “letting yourself go” and enjoying fabulous summer treats.  When you enter a situation with the mindset that all bets are off and that you are going to eat whatever you want, you will do just that.  But have you ever noticed that it is rarely as much fun as it originally seems?  Instead, indulge in a treat that you love and leave it at that.  Have that ice cream cone at the end of the day, or treat yourself to fried fish one night of your vacation, just don’t let it turn into a landslide.  You will feel amazing if you decide to have a treat, enjoy it, and not let it open the flood gates or trigger a binge.  So get to know that beautiful space in-between.
  2. Explore the local fitness scene.  Find a yoga class on the beach, bootcamp class on a playground, or drop into a class at the local community center.  This is a fun way to try out new instructors and styles, and stay active while away.
  3. Hire a personal trainer to come to your hotel or vacation home for a few sessions while you are away.  The investment in these sessions will mentally help you stay on track as you will be less likely to overdo it at the afternoon BBQ if you have already invested your time and money in a session with a trainer that day.
  4. Safety in numbers.  Studies show time and time again that when you eat with people who make good food choices, you are less likely to make bad ones.  So get your friends and family on board!  Find a local health coach to help you plan your meals and outings for the week and do a casual workshop with your group on how to eat mindfully while enjoying time away.
  5. Live, laugh, love.  Really take this time to disconnect from technology, connect with your family and friends, spend time outside in the sun and fresh air, take endless walks to explore your surroundings, and get restful sleep.  Release the “to do” list and look people in the eye when you talk to them.  Be present; with yourself and with your loved ones.  Enjoy the gift of time and nurture your body and soul.

Enjoy this glorious season, my friends!  Oh…. and if you are going to be on Cape Cod this summer, I just happen to know a personal trainer and health coach who would be MORE than happy to help you out with your “stay healthy and active” goals.  Hint, hint, contact me today.


  1. Mom

    Perfect plan for summer! Let’s all feel happy, relaxed and accomplished throughout the summer! Here we go…………
    ps…See you Mondays at 5:30pm for Gentle Pilates at the Truro Rec Center!!! You will leave feeling great!

  2. Sarah Zengo

    This is excellent advice Jan! As I embark on my cape journey with lots of eating/drinking out options and ice cream temptations! Great time to start a fitness routine in the sun. Thanks for keeping it real!

  3. Elena Rice

    Having Get Lively personal grocery service and meal planning is an AWESOME addition to a Cape Cod vacation! Especially if you have kids…avoiding a trip to the grocery store and having a meal all set to go when you return from the beach is quite heavenly. 🙂

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