#191: Accepting that I am who I am.

I used to be SO sharp. Seriously, I was the one at work that people called to ask class year, type of degree, name of grandkids. As a fundraiser, this came in quite handy.

But now… geez, what the heck happened?!

The number of times that I have to walk out of a room and walk back in to try and remember what I was doing is nothing short of epic.

I mess up my right from my left CONSTANTLY. Oh and what fun that has been as a fitness instructor, trying to teach while FACING a group, on ZOOM. It's a miracle we don't end up standing on our heads most of the time.

So there's that…

And THAT got me thinking about all the stuff that I'm just not going to worry about or make an effort with anymore.

I realized, that there were certain things that I was doing because I felt I was supposed to be doing them, not because I wanted to.

And that's all going to change.

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