get lively private health coaching

I’m a lively gal on a mission to help you smile more.

When you smile more, everything else falls into place.

Feeling energized and good every day is possible – even in today’s day and age, being healthy doesn’t have to be so hard.

If you’re finally done with torturing yourself with trying diets and guilt for eating when you’re bored, then listen up because I created this program for you.

The Get Lively Private Health Coaching Program Approach is centered around…

As your personal Health Coach, I’m cheering for you ALWAYS and committed to your success.

Together, we will discover WHY you make the decisions that you do about food, exercise, and how you think.

Let’s cut through the NOISE and NEGATIVITY of what society calls “beauty” so you can see clearly what small, gradual changes need to be made.

You don’t want to be the next Kardashian. You want to be the absolute best YOU you can be.

Coaches aren’t just for football teams – and there’s no fast action bonus prize for losing weight by yourself without the support of someone else.

I know you would rather handle this alone – but seriously…

Think about the most successful, self confident, and vibrant people you know (think athletes!) and they likely all have one thing in common, they have coaches.

LIVELY and LOVELY Side Effects of Coaching…

  • an understanding of what works best for YOU
  • freedom from self destructive and energy draining patterns
  • NEW habits that support your health goals
  • confidence in knowing how best to feed and move your body
  • more energy to share with the people and activities that bring you JOY
  • a whole new outlook on life that feels more LIVELY

Your Get Lively Private Coaching Program includes:

  • coaching sessions via Zoom
  • full set of session notes with summary, resources, and recommendations
  • email and text support between sessions
  • accountability check ins
  • access to private Facebook group for community and support

If you don’t know what to do next, do this.


"I have been taking exercise classes from Jan for a few years and I know her to be a fun, high energy, engaging coach. If Jan is teaching the class, I’m looking forward to taking it. Last month I signed up for a 30-day workshop that Jan offers called Get Lively 30. The basic idea of the seminar is to help you jettison bad habits and incorporate good habits. In particular, I was looking for help with diet and weight loss. Jan’s approach with me was less about a strict diet regimen and more about why I was making the choices to eat what I was eating. I had never looked at my eating habits through that particular lens and I found it to be extraordinarily helpful. I believe I’m making better choices now because I realize the bad choices weren’t getting me where I want to be. It is my pleasure to recommend Jan as a trainer and as a health coach!"
Tom Harrington