#244: Will I still be LIVELY?

This is probably the most uncomfortable I've ever been recording this weekly podcast.

I've briefly mentioned this in other episodes/posts, but this week's message and show is me basically saying: I'm having a hysterectomy next week.

Yikes, okay, there, I typed it.

As I said in this week's podcast, if I were having shoulder or knee surgery, I wouldn't hesitate to share that info and let people know why I won't be at the studio for two weeks, but this…

It makes me feel awkward to share it, and part of me regrets typing all of this, but I'm doing it because it's a very real situation for women (along with a host of other reproductive situations we go through) and if I can make it a little easier for another woman reading this, well, then there's my answer.

Listen to this week's episode as I share more.

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