3 Reasons you need to LOVE yourself MORE

Yes, you need to love yourself more, and here are 3 reasons why…

If you are anything like me, despite being a positive and upbeat person, loving myself hasn't necessarily come easy.  In fact, I think about it as more of a work in progress rather than a destination that I've landed at.

In my practice, I've learned that I'm not alone, as many have shared their struggles with self acceptance, being kind to themselves, and self love.  It's like there is a resistance that starts to bubble up the minute we start talking about the idea of loving ourselves.  Or saying: Self, I love you.

So why are so many resistant to the idea of self love?  (And if you do NOT struggle with this, please do keep reading as I've got a question for you at the end.)

The great Marianne Williamson shares this quote:

Hmm… maybe we fear loving ourselves because we are afraid of how bright we might shine?

Maybe we are afraid that we will shine and then fail?

Maybe we are afraid to outshine others?

Whatever the reason, it is our JOB to shine and LOVE, so let's get too it…

I've found that to get people a little more comfortable with this conversation, it's all about how you frame it.  And for many, a way to make this more palatable, is to start with how loving yourself will impact OTHERS.

So here goes…

3 Reasons you NEED to Love Yourself MORE:

Because YOU do good things for other people.  Right now, think of ONE thing that you've done recently for someone that was purely out of love and kindness.  It could be anything… carrying in your neighbor's groceries, listening to a distressed friend, or telling someone how much you appreciate them.  These are all ACTS of LOVE and you give them to others.  So… you need to love yourself MORE because you are LOVING to others and want to continue doing so.

Because a RISING tide LIFTS all BOATS.  (Yes, you will continue to hear me say this…) I heard a great story the other day.  A woman wanted to feel more radiant, so as she was getting dressed one morning, she put on her (somewhat average) teal t-shirt and said to herself over and over: I am radiant.  And yes, as she went about her day, she was told on more than one occasion: You look RADIANT today!

So what's my point?  As you love YOURSELF others will see it, they will feel it, and they will “want what she's having.”  Love yourself and others will do the same.  Your love is the TIDE that will lift ALL boats.

Because the four year old you deserves to be loved.  Right now, think about the innocent, child version of you.  You probably immediately saw an image of yourself around the ages of four to six.  I know that my first grade school picture quickly comes to mind.

Right now, ask yourself: would you EVER talk to her or him the way you talk to yourself NOW?  Of course not!  You would love and encourage and support that four year old you.  So here's the lesson: that four year old you IS you and is DESERVING of your LOVE.

What do these three reasons conjure up for you?

What is going through your head right now?

My hope is that this sheds a light on you and opens you up to the idea of why you must express love for yourself.  It all must start from within.  The only way that we can truly love others is to love ourselves first.

Please comment below and share what is resonating with you, what you struggle with related to self love, or just say: I am willing to consider loving myself.

Now, as I mentioned at the start of this post, if this is NOT a challenge for you and if you consider yourself to be a self-love junkie, I want to hear from YOU!  Comment below or email me: jan@getlivelynow.com and share WHY and HOW you feel you have come to this place.  It just might be what someone else needs to hear!

And finally… if you want to hear more on this topic, I'm chatting all about it in this week's podcast: Episode 12: Three Reasons you need to Love Yourself More