#307: What I Care About as a Fitness Studio Owner

Jumping into the first week of October with a slightly different topic on the podcast and in this weekly message…

Now that we've hopped back into our fall routines, and as we have now been at our newest studio location for six months, I've been thinking about YOUR experience at Get Lively.

Chatting more about this and more on this week's show, but wanted to share some of the things that we really care about as it relates to your experience and helping you to live your most lively life.

And if you've got feedback to share on your experience, please let me know!

There are so many ways to GET LIVELY. We are a Lifestyle Studio on a mission to help YOU smile MORE. Through training, group fitness, virtual classes, celebratory life events and more, we are your one stop shop for living a healthier and happier life! www.getlivelynow.com

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