#311: Why I’m so Shocked by my Facebook Feed

As a health and fitness coach, it is probably no surprise that I've recently received many inquiries about Ozempic and the new weight loss drugs that many people are now using.

I've listened to many podcasts about this class of drugs, but I needed to sit down and do more research.  So I did.  I googled many of the drugs and how they are being used.  

And after that, I did what I often do, picked up my phone to scroll through Facebook.

It's as if I was logged in as someone else.

My news feed COMPLETELY changed.

I am not exaggerating when I say that every second or third post was an ad for Ozempic or one of the other weight loss drugs.

Here's my message about that:

Be aware.  Be safe.

Tune into this week's episode as I talk more about this.

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