12 hours of yoga and a special request for your support.

Please donate!
Please donate!

Today I welcome my nephew, Brady, as my guest blogger.  Brady went to his first yoga class when he was four.  I will never forget driving him to the studio as he anxiously sat in his car seat and informed me that when we arrived, I needed to take him to the room that had a “4” on the door because that is where four year olds needed to go.

Fast forward five years and I was talking to Brady about a Yogathon that I am participating in with Yoga Reaches Out on April 26 at Gillette Stadium.  He inquired about the “thon” part and I explained that I was doing yoga all day at the stadium to raise money for an organization that supports programs for children.  He then went on to ask about why they needed to raise money and what was it used for.  I explained to him that there are many children that do not have access to all of the wonderful things that he has in his life and that this organization would help them.  I asked if he would like to help me raise money for this cause and he sat at my computer and wrote this letter, graciously asking for your support.  Merrick, his six year old brother (and frequent Get Lively illustrator) came on to the scene and said that he would draw a picture to go along with the letter.  So here you go, Brady’s letter, and Merrick’s picture….


I’m lucky to have these things in my life. First I’m lucky to a have garden in my backyard. We grow tomatoes,  celery, kale, lettuce and swiss chard. Next I’m lucky to go to tons of places like: Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode island, and Georgia. Also I’m lucky to go to a perfect school. At my school I get to go to gym, art, Spanish, media, music and a teacher comes in every Wednesday to teach my class and I about feelings. Now I’m lucky to stay at my aunty and uncle’s house because now my family and I are going to Vermont. This is why my aunty is doing this Yoga-thon so that other kids can be lucky like me.

Thank you, Brady

Please consider making a donation, you can donate directly to my page, or mail me a check made payable to “Yoga Reaches Out” to: Jan Taylor, 21 Olcott St. Watertown, MA 02472.  Brady, Merrick, and I are most grateful for your support!

Donation page: http://yogathon.yogareachesout.org/site/TR/Yogathon/General?px=1011808&pg=personal&fr_id=1050


  1. Elena Rice

    I love this!! Thank you for incorporating a moment of reflection and awareness for the boys 🙂

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