#194: Living Fully, Even in the Rain

We spent a rainy week on the Cape. It's the story most of us have to tell about summer vacation in July of 2021. Rain, rain, glimpse of sun, raging hot, more rain, kinda cold.

When we got back, I was bracing myself for the melancholy I often feel after being in my hometown with my family for a week, so that's probably why I decided to read the back entries on Simple Abundance as I sought some inspiration.

“…because the present was fully lived..” it read, “Better one good thing that is…”

Something about the rain, mixed with the return to normal activities, the reading of this passage; all helped me to land in a moment of feeling completely content and enormously grateful.

So as the days stretch out before you, however they play out, my wish for you is that they are fully lived.

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