The Beauty of a Challenge

JJ Tufts 10k 2017 - 1

Something I’m not very good at… (you know, the stuff the gives us a challenge)

We’ve all got them, right?  The stuff that we aren’t quite good at.

And some of them just aren't worth our energy, right?

Like for me, it's math.  That’s what my sister’s for.  I don’t need to worry my purple haired head about remembering how to do fractions, because she always will.

But there are other things that I’m not so good at, that deserve my attention.  Things that challenge me, things that make me grow, things that inspire me, and yes, things that lead to BEAUTY.

Monday I was reminded of one of those things.  RUNNING.

If you follow my blog or videos, you’ve probably heard me mention on more than one occasion that no matter how fit I am, and I consider myself to be pretty fit, if I don’t run, it doesn’t matter that I can hold a five minute plank.  If I don’t run regularly, come race time I STRUGGLE.

But unlike fractions and algebra, running matters to me.  It pushes me physically and shows me what I’m capable of doing.  After all, it can’t all come easy, right?  Where the shrek is the fun in that?

So Monday morning I set out with my partner in crime, Juls, for our annual tradition of running the Tufts 10k for Women along with 5,000 fabulous gals in Boston.

Truth be told, I probably haven’t run more than three miles since LAST year’s race, so that EASILY could have become my mantra, right?

I could have started the day off telling myself: 

It’s okay if you are slow or have to walk because you basically haven’t run since last year.

You workout so much, you don’t have time to run.

Running doesn’t really matter much to me anyway.

Oh yes, I could easily have started down that path, but I didn’t.  Because I’m on a mission to bring more JOY into my life (and to that of those around me!) and excuses do NOT bring the joy.

So instead, I did this…

Visualized myself enjoying the company of Juls and all of the other women taking on this race.

Saw myself pacing my breath and speed so that I could complete the race.

Felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I have the God given ability to run!

Thought about finding space in my routine to challenge myself by running.

Quite a shift in perspective, huh?

Just think if I had let myself fall into the trap of letting my ego fill my head with excuses because I was self conscious about what my timing might be?

Shrek, no!  I’m not giving away my JOY for that anymore!  

And this is how the day played out…

We had a great time bumping into friends and enjoying the energy that manifests when 5,000 women take over the streets of Boston and bring our best selves forward!

While I ran, I focused on what I WAS doing and that I AM capable, versus criticizing myself for not training, or not going faster.

I was inspired to take on new physical challenges and commit to working them into my routine, even when if it doesn’t seem convenient, because in the challenge, lies the BEAUTY.

And now here are my questions for you:

  • Where should YOU be challenging yourself?
  • How have you allowed yourself to get COMFORTABLE with a routine?
  • What will CHARGE you up and inspire you to stretch and grow?

Comment below and let me know what goals you set for yourself.  I’d love to cheer you on!