Are you self sabotaging your efforts?

Are you falling victim to SELF SABOTAGE?

Ever find yourself motivated and all ready to go on a new: ___________.
That's right, fill in the YOUR blank.
Maybe a new eating plan, exercise program, or change you are trying to make in your life.
And do you ever find yourself “all in” on the first three days, and then you find yourself starting to question your ability to “stick with it.”
You start to doubt yourself. Your abilities. Your commitment.
And then the slide begins…
The slide into that space of sabotaging our own efforts.
If done it, you've probably done it, and I know my clients have shared with me that they have done it.
So why do we continue to self sabotage ourselves?
Because what we know is comfortable,
even if it isn't what we ultimately want for ourselves.
Making new habits, creating new thought patterns, all of this takes effort, and that is not a bad thing! BUT, we tend to fear our own success.

When we succeed at something, sadly our reaction is often:

  • Well that's great, but let's see how long it lasts…
  • It's good now, but I'm just waiting for the next shoe to drop…
  • Only place to go from here is down!
Have you ever had any of these thoughts?
I'll be the first to admit, that the second one used to be my mantra… I was somehow always waiting for that “next shoe” to drop. It almost amazes me now that I used to live that way as it is so counter to my belief system now, but that's how I was…
And the good news for you is that if you are stuck in these types of patterns, YOU can change too. We are no different.
I didn't go to grad school to learn how not to think negatively; rather, one day I realized:
this is NO way to live.
Want to hear how I made this switch for me and how I coach my clients?
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