Episode 8: A Little Story about Change, Belief, Trust, and Faith

Four years ago, I was entering my twelfth year working as an event planner and fundraiser for Simmons College.  Despite having a successful and exciting career, it no longer fed my soul.  I longed for something different?  Along the way my love for health and fitness lead me to get certified to teach Pilates, attain my personal training license, and go to school to become a certified holistic health coach.  All of this knowledge, passion, and desire to share, coupled with a whole boatload of fear led to feelings of chaos and anxiety.


So how did I make the change?  How did a make the leap from a stable and lucrative career to being a self employed health and fitness coach?  How did I overcome the FEAR and start to BELIEVE in myself?


Sharing all the details in today's podcast in hopes that my story of learning to believe in myself and have faith (couple with a touch of divine intervention) helps you to believe that change is possible.


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