A Little Story about Change, Belief, Trust, & Faith

Headed for Change: Fran & Bobby building the Get Lively Studio.

A Little Story about

Change, Belief, Trust, & Faith

As we make our lively way into 2018, 
I am dedicating this month to CHANGE…
Now before you start thinking to yourself:
 “Wow, Jan. Change in January, how original.
Allow me to elaborate…
The theme of this month is CHANGE because it is what SO many of us desire.
We want to feel better, look better, live better, love better.
But there always seems to be something standing in the way, RIGHT?
It's time to call that out.  It's FEAR.
And as a living, lively, and breathing example of this,
 I've got a story to share…
This is a story about wanting to change, but being too scared to do anything about it.
This is a story about resisting guidance from the Universe and the chaos that ensues when we do that.
This is MY STORY about learning to believe in myself (with some help from my angels), trust, and have faith that change is possible.
So are you ready for it?
I'm honored to share this story of how I went from a successful, exciting, and lucrative career, to starting my business with NOTHING.
Last day at Simmons with my bins full of old binders and my Janice doll ready to head home.
Friends, I've BEEN there.  I've been so scared.  I've resisted doing what I knew I wanted to do.  And I felt the resistance and the chaos.
Until one day, my grandfather, as my angel, stepped in to give me a little nudge…
This is a story that I love being able to share in hopes that it might inspire to look FEAR in the eye and then DO IT ANYWAY.
As that was almost four years ago…
Don't look too scared, here now, do I?
Living my lively, humorous, and kind dream!
Now that's not to say there aren't still plenty of moments of fear in my life, I'm just better equipped to deal with them, and want YOU to be TOO.
So here it is… this week's PODCAST:
It's a gift to be able to share this very personal story with you in hopes that I might serve as YOUR messenger, as my grandfather did for me.
You know that I would LOVE to hear from you as you consider changes in your life… you know the drill, just comment below.