The “Food” Groups You Need in 2018

Happy 2018!

Last week, as we prepared to bring 2017 to a close, I asked the question:

What challenge did you overcome this year and how did you do it?

I shared that I was so focused on looking ahead to the new year, and frankly, judging what I hadn’t done in the current, that I lost sight of what I accomplished and how I grew…

So I posed this question to all of YOU in last week’s podcast… which if you haven’t listened yet, but sure to tune in!

But here we now are in 2018…

The new year is fresh.

The new year is clean.

The new year is full of possibilities.

So I ask: what do YOU want to make of it?

Okay, I get it, big question…

So let’s focus in a bit here…

In my health coaching practice, I work with people to help them better understand the “primary food groups” in their lives.  And no, this is not carbs, proteins, and fats… rather, it is about what fuels are soul.

Our relationships.

Our work/purpose.

Our spirituality.

Our physicality.

And it is when these areas are out of alignment, or we don’t feel satisfied in them, well, that is when the actual food can become a struggle…

So when I ask you what you want to make of this new year, I challenge you to choose ONE thing in each of these areas that will improve your overall life.


This does not need to be grandiose, it might be as simple as talking more/texting less to have more fulfilling relationships in your life.

So that is your charge for today… as this new year shines upon us, reflect on how satisfied you are in these “primary” food groups and choose ONE thing in each that will help you to make each day a little more lively.

And… it just so happens that I am talking ALL about this in this week’s podcast:

Episode 7: Life’s Primary Food Groups

Hope you’ll tune in

HAPPY 2018!