My Experience at “Dancing with the Watertown Stars”

Wow, what a weekend!
If we are connected on social media, you may know that this past Friday, I was a contestant on “Dancing with the Watertown Stars“.
And if we are connected on social media, you also may know that I had the time of my life participating in this event.
You would have thought I was headed to Broadway…
But what I learned was that as the background fades, whether it be Broadway or the Hellenic Center in Watertown, when you are surrounded by amazing people – coming together – to dance, laugh, support a great cause, encourage each other, and just have FUN, that is all that matters.
And that is what we did. We had FUN.
So… I'm not just sharing this because I'm still riding the wave of JOY from it all, nope, there is also a lesson here.
I almost didn't do this…
  • When I first received the call, I wasn't sure I could commit to the lessons.
  • I knew it was the weekend before launching my annual Spring Cleanse.
  • I was afraid I would be too tired and wouldn't have enough energy to perform.
  • What a mistake that would have been.
Because this is what actually played out…
  • I was energized more than I could have imagined because I was having so much FUN.
  • I got my work done and didn't obsess over unimportant details because I was having FUN.
  • Everything I was doing took on an even more positive tone because I was having so much FUN.
And if I hadn't participated, this wouldn't have happened…
This is my mom watching me dance. I wonder if I'll ever be able to look at this and not cry. I love it more than you can imagine. The pure love emanating from her as she watches me dance fills my soul.
Imagine if I hadn't said YES.
So next time you've got FUN knocking at your door, be mindful of your answer, because boy what a shame it would have been to miss this…
So much love and thanks to Lilia, Bradley, and everyone at Ballroom in Boston for making this happen!
Check out the local news clip of our show!