The Ultimate Litmus Test for Diets

I bet you might be able to guess the question that I am asked ALL the time…

Yup, you are right

“Jan, what do you think about “_________” diet?”

And I get it, we are inundated with diets, meal plans, lifestyles (often diet plans in disguise), and food groups that we either should or shouldn't be eating.

It can be really tough to cut through all the noise of what is the “right way”and what is the “wrong way”.

Well, after years and years of being asked this question, I offer you this…
There are THREE things that I always ask in response to this question, and I'm talking all about this, in greater detail, in this week's podcast (so be sure to tune in!)

  1. Are you considering this for medical reasons?
  2. Is it sustainable?
  3. (And maybe most importantly) Will it make you miserable?

So there's my “litmus test” that I suggest you consider, but again, listen in as I've got examples to share and lots more to say about it (as you can imagine… 😉

And on that note… if you need a little guidance learning how to eat a in a healthful way, grab your FREE 5 day guide to help you “clean up” your eating habits. No diet here, just healthy ways to nourish your body. Get yours here:

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