Do you OWN your ROUTINE?

Do you own your ROUTINE?
Yes, September is right around the corner… 
And if you are anything like me, that can produce some serious “I don't want summer to ever end” anxiety.
But here's the thing…
There is beauty in returning to a routine and a bit more structure, IF we are proactive and intentional.
So often we let the demands of our schedule put us in reactive more…
But what if we hopped back into the driver's seat?
For the month of September, the theme for our Get Lively OnDemand Membership is revisiting our routines and making them what we WANTthem to be. We are hopping back in the driver's seat!
Here are three simple thoughts to put you back in charge:
  • Revisit your SCHEDULE: Yes, we all have lots of obligations in our calendar (work, family, projects) but most of us also have space that we just let get eaten up because we aren't intentional about it.
  • Schedule your Commitments AND what you WANT: Right now, look at your calendar for September. Put in all your commitments and then look at the space that remains. Determine the 1-3 things that you care most about for “you time” (workouts, meditation time, walks with a friend) and schedule those in NOW! If you don't, you know that time just disappears.
  • Master the Monday through Friday: If your healthy eating patterns have loosened up a bit this summer, now is the time to start working them back into your routine. But remember, they all didn't slide in one day, so let's work them back in with ease so that you can succeed! Choose one meal that you will “re”master Monday through Friday. Maybe it is your morning smoothie or a vibrant veggie and protein filled salad for lunch. Decide and start making it happen.
Need more?
This is exactly what we will be working on in our membership group for the month of September, join now and give yourself the tools you need to help you remaster your routine!