Is there a MISSING piece in your healthy living puzzle?

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Is there a MISSING piece in your healthy living puzzle?

How many times have you heard the promise: “Simple ways to lose weight and keep it off, finally.”

Probably about a million times, right? And this is usually relating to specific exercise programs and strict food plans – and I bet you’ve even tried many of them.  The problem is if they work at all, the results are short lived before the pounds find their way back to you – rapidly, usually.  So, why is that?

There is an essential missing piece of the puzzle, and without that piece, you’ll stay stuck on the hamster wheel of meal plans that aren’t sustainable.

BUT…the missing piece MAY be quite simple, and that is, that you have to start with the basics AND you must be patient…  

You see, there’s a lot of work to do, first and foremost, with changing your INTENTIONS and SHIFTING your mindset before the real results come to stay.

This may sound funny… but it’s difficult to STAY motivated when the ONLY goal you have in mind is an incredible beach bod.  Surprising?  Maybe, maybe not, but truthfully — it’s not enough to keep you going

So you either REACH your goal, you fit into the dress, then what?  Or you don’t attain that goal quickly enough and you throw in the towel and go back to your old habits.  Same outcome.

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Sound familiar?  You’re incredibly motivated in the beginning, but results don’t show up fast enough, so you drop the entire idea.  To break this cycle, you need to find a DIFFERENT reason for wanting to change.  Your intentions for this need to come from the desire to treat your body well, live a healthy, long life – and a love for your own body, instead of a fear of it.  (Yikes, that’s a hard one, right?)

The foundations must be in place for lasting change to GROW and STAY.  You must learn to love yourself – right this moment, just as you are.  Through this love, you will desire to eat healthily and move to nourish the body you have (and love).  Punishing yourself by eating strict foods you don’t enjoy, or beating yourself up at the gym, is not a healthy or sustainable way of approaching your journey to health.  It actually CAN be this simple – AT LEAST as a start place – but most of us lose patience, right?

So you MUST with baby steps… incremental change is the KEY to adopting long term change.   Start with one, small step that you can compound on.  Ditch the soda and replace it with water, for example.  Do this for one week, and next week, choose another simple step to add.  Before long, your less healthy habits will start falling by the wayside and you will have the opportunity to replace them with new, healthy ones… and you’ll be on your way to lasting change – giving yourself your best change at change.

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