How to eat out at Restaurants and still feel Healthy & Lively

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How to eat out at Restaurants and still feel Healthy and Lively

So, it’s August… WOW, that went FAST!

But, there is still a FULL month left of SUMMER, so let’s continue to enjoy it while we also hone back in on our healthy lifestyle!

I know that I enjoyed my fair share of french fries in July, so even though there are still lots of weekends away on the books, I’ll be focusing back in a bit with these simple ways to live it up, while feeling great all month long…

Here are a few simple tips to help you eat out and still feel great…

Prepare yourself before going out.  As much as I love the element of surprise when I get to a restaurant, check out the menu beforehand to make a game plan for what you will order.

Don’t be afraid to ask.  If you’re having difficulty finding something healthy on a menu, don’t be afraid to ask for a modification.  People are becoming more health conscious and restaurants are responding with lots of alternatives. (Try this Get Lively favorite: when at an Italian restaurant and the menu is full pasta dishes — consider substituting the pasta for broccoli or spinach.  You still get the toppings and sauce, but without the plate full of carbs.)

Don’t drink all your calories.  This goes for anytime, but an incredibly simple way to make a small healthy shift is to choose water or seltzer.  And if you want to enjoy some wine, try making it a spritzer, so refreshing!

Order an appetizer as your meal.  The amount of food you get with an appetizer and a small side salad is usually just the right amount – unlike the oversized portions often found on the entrée menu.

Implement the “Share & Salad” plan.  Going out and sharing a bunch of dishes with friends is such fun, right?  But it can also be a danger zone, so when doing this, I always order a salad so that I can get a good taste of all the delicious plates being passed, but know that I have a healthy meal to enjoy that will keep me from overdoing it.

What are YOUR favorite ways to eat out and still feel great?