Learning to Consciously Create New Habits

How we create NEW HABITS that become our SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts.

Do you know how to drive a standard shift car?

If so, remember the FIRST TIME you got in the car and couldn't imagine how you would be able to keep the car from bucking like a Bronco?

Remember the intensity of trying to work the CLUTCH and the GAS pedals in just the RIGHT WAY so that the car would move forward smoothly?

All the while figuring out WHEN to transition into the next gear?

I'm chuckling thinking about it because I remember thinking to myself:

I'll never get this right… there is just TOO much to think about.

NEVERMIND what the heck do you do on a HILL?!?

For those who learned to drive a stick shift, you are probably chuckling now too…

And I'll fast forward to the punchline:

I learned to drive standard shift and eventually did it WITHOUT THINKING.

So what's my point?

I've been reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, Wishes Fulfilled, and in it, he teaches the reader how to create what you want in life through a series of manifestation exercises and through becoming aware of your thoughts as they are now.

We tend to give our thoughts away – without giving them much THOUGHT.

Case in point:

He talks about how we consciously create thoughts (like learning to drive standard) that ultimately become our subconscious thoughts, which comprise about 96% of our thoughts.

And what do most of us do when we ARE consciously thinking?  We think about what we FEAR, WORRY, and DON'T want in our lives, essentially embedding them into our SUBCONSCIOUS mind, which we now know rules the roost.

Just consider the example above… if you learned to drive standard shift, you consciously broke down every step of how to work the clutch and shift, until you could eventually do it without thinking, the act and thought process became part of your subconscious.

So I ask: what are you CONSCIOUSLY embedding into your SUBCONSCIOUS?

I related this idea to how we develop patterns of body shaming, in Episode 15 of my Podcast about how to release body shame and embrace body love.  I share the idea of how we consciously create an image of ourselves in our minds, as we criticize and pick apart every body part, until we step in front of mirror and immediately start thinking those thoughts, whether we look great or just rolled out of bed.

Do you follow?

Does this happen to you?

Here's the good news.  Just like the thought of learning to drive a standard shift car with ease felt insurmountable, you eventually did it.  And that means that putting CONSCIOUS thought into a new habit, behavior, or skill means that you are able to create new SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts, which ultimately informs our reality.

If you perpetually criticize your body, you can learn to love and appreciate it.

If you constantly worry and consume your thoughts with fear, you can learn to live in the now and appreciate what is in front of you.

I'm not saying it is going to be easy.  Learning to drive standard wasn't, until it was.  It just took time and effort.

Isn't your peace of mind, your health, your well-being worth it?

So I challenge you today:

  • What is a habit or behavior you want to change in your life?
  • What subconscious patterns have you developed that keep you in this space/thought process?
  • What NEW pattern will you consciously embrace to change these thoughts and when will you use them?

Again, check out Episode 15 of my Podcast to hear more specific tools and begin to take action today.

Comment below and share your plan or email me at jan@getlivelynow.com as I would love to support your on this journey.