Better Understanding SELF ACCEPTANCE

Last week I was listening to a podcast and I heard something that made the idea of self acceptance so much more digestible…

There are certain ideas and phrases that we hear ALL the time

And sometimes they start to lose their meaning OR lose their ability to get us to think because we brush them off as familiar.


being one of those phrases…

You hear it all the time: You must love and accept yourself.

That is a pretty significant statement or idea for someone to take in without a little instruction…

And that is why I'm so grateful when somebody says or writes something that helps me to embrace or better understand these ideas and APPLY them to my life.

There is nothing BROKEN or MISSING in your SOUL

This is the statement that helped me to better interpret the idea of SELF ACCEPTANCE.

There is NOTHING broken and there is NOTHING missing in my soul.

THIS, I can begin to wrap my brain around.

THIS, I can begin to imagine.

THIS, I can begin to believe.


Tune in to this week's podcast to hear more.