Learning & Lavender: Why I LOVE this stuff.

Lavender Field

Learning & Lavender

In case you haven’t seen all of my social media posts as I frolicked around Utah in fields of lavender and clary sage while I attended Young Living’s annual Grand Convention, I was thrilled to participate in this massive gathering of people who love oils and seek wellness for themselves and their families and friends.  Here’s a quick recap of what I learned…

  1. YL is SO much more than “just oils.”  This company is changing lives by empowering people to take control of their health and use natural and powerful products from the Earth.  And well beyond that (as if that weren’t enough), the Young Living Foundation is quite literally saving lives around the world.  Offering relief efforts in some of the most devastated (and often forgotten) parts of the world like Ecuador and Nepal, countries hard hit by earthquakes, Gary Young (founder of Young Living) travels to these areas regularly with his family and members of the staff to help these communities rebuild their homes and schools.  Watching the videos about these efforts and hearing the staff and Gary’s sons speak about their experience was emotional and awe-inspiring.
  2. Drinking NingXia Red (our powerhouse anti-oxidant juice made with wolfberries) throughout the day (it was EVERYWHERE at Convention – including slushie versions – delish) is insanely energizing!  Our days were 12-14 days long and it definitely kept us all going!                                                                                                                        NingXia Red Shots
  3. Essential oils are incredibly powerful from an emotional standpoint.  I’ve experienced this first hand as I often turn to my oils to help me calm down, focus, release anxiety or sadness, and lift my mood; but hearing Gary talk about how he formulates blends to support various emotions was fascinating.  He is so in tune with the plants, what they do, and how they can support and nurture us highly emotional human beings.
  4. Young Living is the only essential oil company on the market that currently has OTC drugs in our product line.  Thieves Cough Drops and Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream are now available, and if this type of validation is important to you, there you have it!  Already got my hands on the Cool Azul Pain Relief cream, which is for targeted relief and it is AWESOME.
  5. There are passionate people all over the world who want a better way to support their health, their families health, and share what they know with everyone they meet.  Just like when you read a great book or go to a great restaurant, right??  There were over 22,000 of us gathered at the convention and WOW, what a happy, shiny, and healthy crew that just wants to help make the world a happier and healthier place.  Such an honor to be part of it.

And in celebration of this incredible gathering, Young Living is offering 10% off all starter kits through June 30 – so if you or anyone you know might want to hop into this insanely fabulous world, please let me know!  AND in honor of MY participation in this event and visit to Young Living’s Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah, I will toss in an extra bottle of Lavender from me!  Already a member, no problem! Get yourself a Thieves or NingXia Red kit and I'll do the same!

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