Lively Treats for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Heart Candy
Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Treats

Happy Valentine's Day! Today heart shaped treats and chocolate rule the roost…

So I’m here to give you a few healthy sweets that WILL satisfy your sweet tooth without the chemicals and processed sugar.

These are great to have year-round, so check out these LIVELY treats!

1. Guess what? Organic dark chocolate is a-okay! So you don't have to dodge the chocolate today (or ever as that would be NO FUN). Dip some strawberries in melted organic dark chocolate, and you'll wonder why you've never done it before. YUM. Just keep each serving to a few squares and make it a treat!

2. Frozen grapes. Easy and delicious. COULDN’T BE EASIER!

3. Banana “nice cream” — an alternative to dairy ice cream. Cut up & freeze banana, and puree it in a blender along with a teaspoon of cashew butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a splash of coconut milk, and top with a few chocolate chips.  DELICIOUS!

Seriously simple, inexpensive, and delicious.

What are your favorite healthy sweet recipes that keep you away from the junk foods?

Sending lots of LOVE to you all today!

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