How to Recover from our Addiction to: Instant Gratification

Do YOU feel like an Instant Gratification Junkie?

Oh what fun it was to think back on this one…

Remember a time, not THAT long ago when we had to wait a YEAR for movies to get released to a videotape?

Remember when we had to actually sit through commercials AND wait a whole week before we could see the next episode for a show?

Remember when you had to use the ENCYCLOPEDIA to look things up (and go to a library to do so!)

And of course the mothership… remember a day before anything in the world you wanted could show up on your doorstep the next day via AMAZON PRIME???

Some of you may not remember… some of you might be laughing and thinking: oh Jan, I remember much more than that!

But I think you get my point

We live in a GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW world.

And in many cases, we get it!

Except in a few BIG ways…

  • Our eating habits.
  • The shape of our bodies.
  • Our mindset.

Yes, my friends, no level of your Amazon Prime membership can deliver THAT on your doorstep tomorrow morning.

So how do we reconcile this with our psyches?  In one sense, we can have almost anything we want with a slide of a finger on our phones, but when it comes to our health and our bodies, that is ALWAYS going to take time, patience, practice, commitment, and energy.

And none of that is a bad thing!  Since when did it become such a downer to have to WAIT for something?  

Remember the excitement of the Sears Wish Book arriving and the anticipation of waiting for Christmas morning?  It was fun, it was exciting!  Having to wait for things is a GOOD THING.  It teaches us many lessons, but wow are we getting further and further away from it…

So I’m talking all about this in this week’s Podcast: How to Recover from our Addiction to Instant Gratification

… but I’ll give you a few highlights.

HOW do we shift this mindset and begin to learn patience again?

  1. Believe it is worth the wait and that YOU are worth it.  Use the mantra: I am willing to put in the time it takes to achieve my goals because I am worth it.
  2. Turn down the notification noise!  Ever notice how often you check to see if you have new emails or Facebook notifications?  These just feed the addiction!  Turn them all off!
  3. Pick ONE thing to really ‘dig in’ on.  Make a game of it.  Perhaps you decide you are going to drink six glasses of water daily or exercise three times a week.  Print out a monthly calendar or use the Streaks app on your phone.  Give yourself a month to reinforce ONE good habit and see what comes up for you.

What do YOU struggle with most as it related to instant gratification?

I want to know!  Please comment below…