The Gratitude Map

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude…
We hear it all the time: you need to be more grateful.
And yes, finding true joy in life does come by being grateful for that which makes up our experiences each day.
But are you going deeper than the surface level:
I'm grateful for __________.
Are you?
I wasn't, until I had a recent experience that got me thinking about how much richer our lives can be when we take a moment to create our GRATITUDE MAP.
So here's how this works…
  • What is bringing you JOY right now? Think about, or find yourself in that moment where you truly feel like my cup runneth over and PAUSE. Take a closer look at all that has come together to deliver this moment to you and express your gratitude.
  • What “external” factors played into that for which you are grateful? So now you are in this moment, you are FEELING GRATEFUL, what factors contributed to you getting here? Was it due in part to someone in your life? A family member, friend, co-worker, or even a stranger? PAUSE, think about it, and express gratitude for that person or situation.
  • What “internal” factors contributed to this joy? What role did YOU play to make this experience or situation play out in your life? Perhaps it is a quiet moment in the morning that YOU choose to make happen. Whatever it is, pay YOURSELF the gratitude for your contribution.
See how much deeper it can go?
How much more we can feel and acknowledge?
Give it a try… and of course, let me know how it goes.
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