The Ultimate Diet: What to FAST and What to FEAST

The Ultimate Diet: What to FAST and What to FEAST

Earlier this year, I shared that I was going go PICK UP THE PHONE more and actually call people…
I often talk about the “primary foods” in life… you know, the really important stuff: your relationships, career/purpose, spirituality, and physicality.
And at the start of each year, I like to decide ONE thing that I will do in each of the four areas to seek greater satisfaction…
So, for relationships, I decided that I would call people more, rather than just texting all the time.
Boy am I glad I stuck with that yesterday…

My Aunt and I can have MARATHON conversations on the phone,

covering LOTS of topics,

one of them always being PRAYER.

The Ultimate Diet:
What to FAST and What to FEAST

During yesterday's phone conversation…  We chatted about many things, and as we always do, we eventually made our way to the topic of Prayer, and that is when Auntie shared this passage with me from her Lenten Practices guidebook.
Fast from Discontent and Feast on Gratitude.
Fast from Anger and Feast on Patience.
Fast from Bitterness and Feast on Forgiveness.
Fast from Self-Concern and Feast on Compassion.
Fast from Discouragement and Feast on Hope.
Fast from Laziness and Feast on Commitment.
Fast from Suspicion and Feast on Truth.
Fast from Guilt and Feast on the Mercy of God.
You see? It's not about giving up sugar and chocolate (at least not in THIS situation!) and it's not even about a specific religious practice, rather it is about being a better person.
Eliminating: discontent, anger, bitterness, self-concern, discouragement, laziness, suspicion, and guilt.
gratitude, patience, forgiveness, compassion, hope, commitment, truth, and the Mercy of God!
So what is YOUR plan for FAST & FEAST?  Comment below…