Want some tips from a Certified Health Coach?

Vibrant and Healthy Food

So Why Health Coaching anyway?

Isn’t this something that I can just do on my own?

Well, let’s see, have you ever wondered:

  1. Should I be eating three meals a day or five smaller one?
  2. Fat is the devil, right?
  3. Can’t I just work off what I eat?
  4. Should I be avoiding gluten?
  5. If I buy it at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, that means it is healthy, right?
  6. Why am I always so bloated???
  7. If I just stop eating bread, everything will be okay, right?
  8. Why so much talk about inflammation these days?

And typically, that is the short list of questions swirling through our heads when it comes to our health.  That’s quite a bit of noise to cut through, right?  And there is no “one size fits all plan” otherwise none of us would struggle with our weight, right?

You bet! And THAT is what a health coach does.  We guide you through the process to uncover what lifestyle works best for YOU, identifying the best fuel and nourishment that YOUR body needs.

We are a society that follows trends, yet most are not going to “fit” everyone.  Just think about skinny jeans, need I say more??  Our bodies are unique as snowflakes and therefore should be treated as such, but how do we figure out exactly what they need?

Again, this is where the health coach comes in….

Somewhere along the way we stopped listening, to our bodies that is.  Our bodies give us a tremendous amount of information, but we typically ignore these valuable signals.  Let’s start paying attention again!

Now just so you don’t think that this blog post is one gigantic ad for my health coaching services (but hey, a girls got to earn a living, right??) let me give you some tools and thoughts to begin the process of getting reacquainted with your body…

  1. First and foremost, fat does not make you fat.  Our bodies need fat to function, and without it, our hormones go crazy and our skin dries out.  Incorporate healthy fats into your diet from foods such as avocados, nuts, olive oil, and coconut oil.  And for heaven’s sake, get rid of the margarine and fake vegetable oil spread, just use real butter, but like with everything, be mindful of the serving size.
  2. Feeling bloated and not sure why?  Bloating happens for a variety of reasons including food sensitivities to alcohol consumption, and water retention to overeating.  Use a food journal to track your symptoms and start to take note of the patterns and connections that emerge. (Such as: I noticed that I am bloated everyone morning after eating my yogurt.  Well, perhaps you need a break from diary.)
  3. Do you eat because you are hungry or out of habit?  We are such creatures of habit and I cannot tell you the number of people who I talk to that eat at three o’clock every afternoon because they have created a habit.  Commit to taking one week and before reaching for that afternoon snack, try the following:
    1. Drink a full glass of water and wait five minutes.
    2. Ask yourself: Am I REALLY hungry?  Is my stomach growling and does it feel empty?  If you decide that you truly are hungry, have a small, nutrient dense snack such as 1/4 c. of nuts, but if not, allow yourself the space to not eat!

Just the tip of the iceberg, but some things for you to think about as your ponder your health.

And for those who want to keep the conversation going, I offer a complementary 30 minute consultation to talk about YOU and how YOU want to feel.  What have you got to lose other than a few bad habits?  Contact me today to set up a time to chat!

Still not convinced?  Check out this informative slide show: Why Health Coaching and learn how a health coach can help you achieve the lifestyle that YOU desire.

Take good care, friends!