What if ONLY for TODAY…

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What if only for today…

What if only for today, things were different?  What if only for today, we allowed love, and joy, and gratitude to shine light on our lives and we basked in it?

What if only for today we…

…didn’t beat ourselves up yet AGAIN for not being smart enough, skinny enough, pretty/handsome enough.

…didn’t criticize ourselves up for not having a better job, or car, or house.

…didn’t complain about the weather, our boss, or how we “always get screwed.”

…didn’t judge our friend, sister, or neighbor for how they choose to live their lives.

And what if ONLY for today we…

…appreciated our bodies, our situations, our lungs that allow us to breathe.

…looked in the mirror and said: you are amazing!

…appreciated EVERYTHING about the people we love (yes, everything, because you will miss even those things that annoy you when they are gone.)

…savored every moment that we were given.

It’s ONLY 24 hours, and with any luck, you are sleeping for almost a third of that, so what if ONLY for today we…

…allow ourselves to feel unabashed JOY.

…say “I love you” more times than we can count.

…recognize how fleeting life can be and we actually live every moment of it right NOW.

…rise up and shine our light on somebody who needs it.  Trust me, somebody needs it.

Aren’t you tired of thinking: why do we have to wait until tragedy strikes to remember how precious this life really is?

Aren’t you tired of regretting not living more, loving more, laughing more?

Well, we’ve all got today. We’ve all got the same 24 hours.  So how are YOU going to use it?

One day…

Joy. Love. Presence. Light.

Who’s with me?