5 Easy Tips to Fight the Cold and Flu Season

Fight the cold and flu season with these 5 tips.
Fight the cold and flu season with these 5 tips.

Cold and flu season taking its toll?

Take back the winter with these 5 easy tips to keep your family healthy!

  1. Food first.  Sure, there is a time and place for vitamin supplementation, but I truly believe in the practice of using food FIRST. This means that you should be aiming to feed your kids a colorful array of foods to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrients that they need to keep their immune systems strong during cold and flu season.  Try adding a vitamin packed smoothie to their breakfast with frozen organic berries (great alternative in the off-season), a handful of spinach (I swear, they will never taste it), one small banana, and dairy or nut milk.
  2. Crowd out the sugar with vitamin rich and naturally sweet citrus fruit.  Sugar causes inflammation, which weakens the immune system, leaving us susceptible to illness.  Replace dessert and sweet snacks with a juicy orange or tangerine.  Clementines are great for kids as they are easy to peel and look pretty cute piled up in a bowl!
  3. Humidify the air.  Keep nasal passages in tip top shape by running a humidifier during the winter months.  This will help to lubricate and protect, and keep your respiratory system running smoothly, while so many germs float around.
  4. It’s a no brainer, but always warrants repeating, wash your hands – a lot.  Look for mild and natural soaps that have a creamy consistency to prevent drying.  Keep a bottle of unscented cocoa butter hand cream near the sink to protect the hands from cracking, which leaves them prone to infection.  Get your kids in the habit of washing their hands thoroughly (singing “Happy Birthday” is the perfect length of time for scrubbing) and applying lotion in the morning and at night to soothe their little paws.
  5. Learn from those who came before us, WAY before us.  Our ancestors were masters at tapping the power of nature to build their immune systems and to treat illness.  Consider using essential oils* and spices as part of your immune system building regime and reduce the colds and stuffy noses that try to set up shop in your home during the winter months!

Interested in learning more about how to keep your family healthy during the winter months?  Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.

*Inquire about the Thieves Essential Oil blend that has kept me cold free all winter!


  1. Debbi Roberts

    jan, where can I get the “thieves” essential oil. I’ve been trying to eat better and excercise, but was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. Am taking mushroom supplements to help immune system, but think I need more. Thanks, debbi

  2. Elena Rice

    Great summary – thank you Jan! So far we have been faring pretty well following these guidelines 🙂

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