Get Lively Smoothie Workout: Get moving!

Get creative and get moving!
Get creative and get moving!

Get Lively Green Smoothie Workout

Short on time? NO PROBLEM! Get some exercise in while making your morning smoothie! That's right friends, I've put together a super quick routine (and great green smoothie recipe!) to prove that you CAN fit movement into your day. You just have to get creative!

Now, this camera angle is HUMBLING, but this is about YOU getting more activity into your day, NOT about me feeling glamorous on YouTube, so please give it a try and tell me what you think!

And for those taking notes… this is what I put in my smoothie:

1/2 banana

1 cup greens (totally jammed in – just as they say not to do)

1/2 frozen fruit (I used cherries for this one)



1/3 scoop of Raw Fit vegan protein powder

Unsweetened cashew milk

Just prop your phone up while assembling your smoothie and give this a go!