Healthy Detoxing in the Recipe Dressing Room

Detox Watert Shrimp over Greens

Healthy Detoxing in the Recipe Dressing Room….

Have said all the “Merry Christmas’” and “Happy New Year’s” that I am going to say!!!  Have made all the ham, lasagna, fabulous cheesy dips, cookies, cakes, macaroni and cheese, and pasta salads that I am going to make!! Indulged in some adult beverages, a few meals out and more than two pizzas!!!  What now??? DETOX, HYDRATE, and EAT CLEAN!!!

This time, a morning shake, that is an original recipe compiled from several internet searches, an original healthy lunch recipe, and much needed detox water!

First, my morning shake…  I have only been drinking it for a few days, but I already feel my energy level rising!



Baby spinach






Coconut water

Frozen dark cherries

Morning Smoothie Morning Smoothie

I bought a fresh pineapple and prepped it for the week cutting it in roughly one inch slices and then again in half.  In my Ninja blender large cup, put one banana, one piece of pineapple, hand full of spinach and kale, one half avocado scooped from its skin, 4 or 5 dark cherries, a good shake of turmeric and a double good shake of cinnamon.  Added about 5 ounces of pure coconut water (add a little filtered water if the mixture seemed too thick,) 4 or 5 large ice cubes and let the Ninja rip on ultra blend!

I blend it right before I am walking out the door and drink it during my first hour of work. Tastes really good, is a really pretty bright green color, and does its job. Feeling energized at work is a really good thing especially in January!

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4 for ease just because it does require a little early AM work and a good blender!

5 for taste

5 for presentation (it is a very pretty color even if you have coworkers wrinkling their noses and asking what you are drinking!!!)

On to Lunch!

Original recipe: Shrimp in Coconut oil and Raspberry Vinegar over Greens


Coconut oil

Minced garlic

Milled flax seed

Tarragon (my go to spice!!!}


Raspberry vinegar

Large cooked shrimp

Spring mix greens

Brussel sprouts


Green peppers


Veggies Shrimp Ingredients

I sautéed the minced garlic, flax seed, tarragon, and turmeric in the coconut oil and raspberry vinegar until bubbly and added the shrimp just for a few minutes to absorb the spices.  Cooled and set aside to be reheated prior to the next day’s lunch.  Combined the greens, chopped Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, green peppers, and walnuts in another bowl and left to chill overnight.  Took the two mixtures to work with me in the am, reheated the shrimp mixture, poured over the greens, and had a very gourmet lunch that everyone was asking me about!

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Ease of recipe, probably a 4 as it does require some prep work but well worth it!

Taste 5, really tasty and satisfying!!!

Presentation 5, looks and smells awesome….many jealous coworkers!!!

Next up: Detox Water

I’ve been drinking a quart of it since Monday and reaping the benefits!

Courtesy of


1 lemon

1 lime

1 grapefruit

½ English cucumber

Fresh mint

Fresh ginger

Filtered water

Detox Water Detox Water

So simple, and easy to prep for a few days ahead.  I peeled and chopped one large grapefruit, a lemon, lime, and cucumber, used scissors to cut in fresh mint and added a little fresh chopped ginger to make it a little bit my own.  Placed all chopped ingredients in a large glass jar, added filtered water and put in the refrigerator overnight.  Each morning I fill my quart water bottle, and scoop a little of the fruits and veggies in to continue to infuse with the water all day.

Very refreshing, I look forward to sipping on it all afternoon after lunch.

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5’s all the way around, it cannot get easier, easy to make ahead and tastes great!!!

Happy New Year to all(ok said it again!!!) Would love to have some 2016 recipe submissions to try and rate!  Any recipe, any time!

Aunnie H


  1. Mom

    As I am the lucky recipient of Heather’s lunch specials, let me say that the Shrimp over greens is delicious!!!

  2. Samantha

    I have to try all of these suggestions, definitely want to try the tarragon shrimp salad! The infused water sounds interesting never tried anything like this before. My am shakes are so different than this and really would love to mix it up and try something new! Thank you for all the recipes and directions!

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