How to eat mindfully & rock the essential oils!

Take a moment to tune in and learn to eat more mindfully.
Take a moment to tune in and learn to eat more mindfully.

Time to talk about the wellness corners of ESSENTIAL OILS and MINDFULNESS.  So here goes…

If you follow my work, you know that I refer to essential oils as a “surprise and delight” moment of 2014, as that is when I was first introduced to therapeutic grade, pure essential oils.  Sure, I had bottles of lavender and tea tree oil kicking around the house from Whole Foods, but I had never considered how significant of a role essential oils could play in my overall well-being.  I now use them most everyday, from moisturizing and soothing my skin, to opening up my breathing passages (I have asthma), to adding a drop of citrus oil to my water to curb my cravings, I am loving the role that they are now playing in my life (and Fran’s!  I always find the bottle of Peace & Calming out of my oil bag in the morning as he dabs it on before work…who knew?!)  So consider some of the issues that need support in your life and comment below or give me a shout about how essential oils might work for you!

Okay, so on to mindfulness, and specifically, how to eat more mindfully.  This is a fairly hot topic these days and many of you might be wondering how to actually do it.  Perhaps you have tried focusing on what you are eating, smelling your food, chewing thoroughly, and really tasting; these are all ways in which you can eat more mindfully, but I also want to give you some tools.  So… watch this quick video to learn about my favorite tools that help slow me down, focus on what I am eating, and typically, eat less.  Enjoy!


  1. Sass

    Good advice… love your assistant!!! Can’t wait to try the oils!

    1. Jan Taylor

      Let’s see if I can ever get her to sit through a “filming” again! 🙂

  2. Elena Rice

    So in honor of March Lively-ness, started throwing some kale into our morning egg-white omelettes and it is GREAT! At first I thought it was going to be a crunchy overbearing addition, but it totally blends into the egg whites and is a new staple ingredient.

    1. Jan Taylor

      Great idea! Yes, the leaves, and even the stems, do soften once cooked….

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