How to gracefully transition from your summer routine.

One last summer selfie.
One last summer selfie.

Did I just use the words “summer” and “routine” in the same sentence?  A bit of an oxymoron, wouldn’t you say?  Part of the allure of this glorious season is how our routines seem to fade into the background as meals become more impromptu, shoes become optional (seemingly along with showers…. swimming at the beach counts, right??), and exercise becomes a more organic part of daily life ranging from long walks, to bike rides, and outdoor fitness classes.  What a beautiful way to spend a few months!

If you are anything like me, transitioning from summer is TOUGH, so I set out today to offer tools and tips for both YOU and ME to gracefully transition into the fall.

  1. Gratitude goes a long way.  Don’t let the season slip away without taking a moment to account for all that you enjoyed.  Maybe you spent precious time with family on the beach, or crazy nights out with friends, or reflective moments alone in nature; whatever it is that you did, take time to acknowledge how much you cherish the experience and express gratitude for this time.  Write about it in a journal, or find a photo to print or make the background on your phone. Let this serve as a reminder of how full life can feel and carry that notion into the autumn months.
  2. Embrace the routine.  One of the most exciting things about the “back to school” period is that it does serve as an opportunity to get back into a routine and structure your day according to what you want to accomplish.  Maybe it is getting back into that 6am yoga class, or creating weekly meal plans.  Embrace this time to create the life YOU want to live each day.
  3. Explore what the season has to offer.  As the BBQs and watermelons transition to apple picking and pumpkin everything, take this time to try new seasonal produce and new ways to prepare old favorites.  Sautéing fresh picked apples with coconut oil and cinnamon is one of my favorite fall treats and a great way to enjoy a healthy dessert.  Check out some blogs, and flip through magazines for ideas.  (Our own Heather Lee will be sure to offer up some ideas in her “Recipe Dressing Room” blog, but also check out our favorite: My Whole Food Life for some delicious ideas.)
  4. Be social.  It might seem like all of your friends now spend their time running from one soccer game to the next, but we can all find time to spend together.  Ask a friend to train for a 5 or 10k with you and that way you get to spend time together and also exercise – double the incentive to commit to being together.
  5. Keep soaking up the sun.  Sure the days are getting shorter, but the sun is still high in the sky, so get out there and soak up that vitamin D – we’ll need it in a few months!  Take a quick walk during lunch, before dinner, and on the weekends.  Living in the warmth and glow of the sun will fuel your soul until we find ourselves ready to trade in the Ugg boots for flip flops once again…

Please share your favorite summer memories below and how you plan to use these tips to help you gracefully glide into the fall….


  1. Being grateful for the precious moments we have reflecting on the beauty power and promise of tomorrow is a great reminder of ways to move to tomorrow without mourning yesterday.

    Thank you for your words.

    1. Jan Taylor

      And thank you for yours, Dwane. It was certainly a season of precious moment and you are right, tomorrow holds incredible promise.

  2. Elena Rice

    My favorite summer memories! I find myself fortunate to have so many swirl to the forefront of my mind that time surely limits transcribing them all. Probably the best visions are the smiles and the laughs from everyone young and old that come in and out of my life during the hectic, crazy, beautiful, amazing summer season at camp Reel Deal. I greatly appreciate your blog as it almost feels like the heart shrinks in the Fall as this seemingly unlimited amount of energy quiets, but I realize it is just discovering it again in new and wonderful forms. Whew, thank you Jan!

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