How’s the Halloween candy treating you?

The Danger Zone!
The Danger Zone!

Okay, this is CRAZY.

Just look at the sheer volume of it all!

And I thought things had gotten bad when every item in the store became pumpkin spiced flavor, but this, my friends, is out of hand….

Screme Egg

I’m sorry, but Cadbury eggs are for Easter, NOT Halloween.  They are NOT meant to be dyed green and that poor bunny does NOT want a witch hat strapped to his head!

Whatever happened to waiting for anything?

Are you thinking: How are we to survive?!?

Well, I'm glad you asked, as here are my top three tips for getting your through the Halloween candy season…

  1. And I know that this is so obvious.  JUST. DON’T. BUY. IT.  You are missing nothing by passing on pumpkin spiced, chocolate dipped, freakishly orange colored Kit-Kat bars.
  2. Remember, you ALREADY know what all of this stuff tastes like.  Most of us have had a snickers bar or a candy corn before, so just take a pass.  Tell yourself, “I know what this tastes like, and I really don’t need it right now.”  Just because it is there, doesn’t mean that you need to eat it.
  3. Imagine November 1st.  Imagine how GOOD you might feel if you don’t give in to all the sweets, the excess, the insanity.  Really, take a moment and imagine how amazing that would feel. You are smiling now, right?  Because you WILL feel great if you just let this stuff sit on the store shelves, or in your co-workers candy jar, and not in your stomach!

Feel like you could use some extra help with all this?

Well, that’s what I’m here for!

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Fall into Healthy Habits

This 30 Day Wellness Program will help you navigate the pumpkin spiced landscape and learn how to enjoy what you love most and leave the rest behind.  We’ll also cover how to eat more mindfully and reduce the stress in your life as we head into the holiday season.

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  1. Elena Rice

    Great timing on this blog! Now perhaps you also have the top three tips on getting through Halloween with kids when trick-or-treating actually is fun, but then what to do with all the treats afterwards… 🙂

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