The Four Corners: Fitness, Healthy Eating, Essential Oils, & Mindfulness

Embrace The Four Corners of Wellness
Embrace The Four Corners of Wellness

March Lively-ness has begun!  For the next several weeks, I invite you to participate in this month long initiative to improve your well-being and to be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous prize*.

Earlier this week, I hosted a teleclass on “The Four Corners of Wellness,” and shared tips on how to implement simple changes into your life through fitness, healthy eating, essential oils, and mindfulness.  Read on and try to add one or two things into your life today!  And remember, EVERY day represents an opportunity to make positive change.


1. Move more!

  • Use the furthest restroom from where you work/spend your time.
  • Move during one 30 minute TV show.
  • Stretch.

2. Try interval training – watch my blog for examples!

3. Set a fitness goal.

Healthy Eating

  1. Make a green smoothie.
  2. Replace your pasta (or most of it) with kale or broccoli.
  3. Replace your starch side at a restaurant with double vegetables or mixed greens.

Essential Oils

  1. Try lavender for better sleep, reducing stress, and healing cracked skin.
  2. Use Frankincense with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil as a great night cream.


  1. Practice mindful eating by sitting down, slowing down, placing your fork down in between bites, and chewing each bite 20 times. TASTE your food!
  2. Try a basic meditation by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and repeating the mantra: “Fear and darkness do not have a place in my life.  I live in love and light.”

Missed the class and want to listen in? Click here to download the recording.  Enjoy!

*Stay tuned on this blog and Facebook to learn about the fabulous prizes associated with this contest and how you can enter to win!


  1. Great call and great post!! Love your tips and the concept is fantastic. I appreciate this solid, multifaceted reminder of how to get back on track. Earlier today I recommitted to my meditation practice and upped my hydration. <3

    1. Jan Taylor

      Glad you enjoyed it and took your practice to heart!

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