Tips for keeping that body moving!

Newton’s Law of Motion: “A body in motion, stays in motion.”

Have you ever noticed when you are moving around or just complete an invigorating workout that you want to keep moving?  That when you are “on track” with your fitness plan it seems to get easier to find the time and motivation to workout?  That’s because a body in motion wants to stay in motion.  Think about it in the reverse to underscore the point.  Ever have a day when you spend the morning veggie out on the couch and then can’t seem to find the energy to do something in the afternoon?  That’s because the reverse holds true as well.

Studies show that the healthiest people are those that get moderate exercise but also move consistently throughout the day; more so even then those who do an intense hour of physical activity in the morning, but end up sitting for the rest of the day.  So what are some ways to embrace Newton’s Law and keep that body moving?

  1. Walk.  I know, it’s so simple, but think about all the ways that you can increase the amount that you walk on any given day.  Again, obvious, but take the stairs, park further away from your destination, walk to the convenience store or coffee shop versus driving.  It all adds up.  I always encourage my clients to use the rest room on a different floor than their office.  If you use a pedometer or activity tracker, you will see the steps add up quickly!
  2. Stand more.  I am a big fan of standing while working and even made myself a $5 standing desk, when I worked in an office, out of an upside down milk crate.  Now I stand at my kitchen counter with my lap top and find myself rocking from side to side while I stand and type.  My body just wants to keep moving.
  3. Move while watching TV.  This is one of my favorites and I suggest it to people all the time.  During the next 30 minute show on television, stand up and step side-to-side or march in place while you are watching.  What an easy way to add 30 minutes of movement into your day.
  4. Sit on a stability ball.  Whether in the office or in front of the TV, sit on a stability ball and rock side-to-side or circle the ball around.  You will be improving your posture, challenging your abdominals, and loosening up your hip flexors.
  5. Fidget.  This comes so naturally to me and I know that my mom just chuckled, but try it out.  Perhaps you tighten and release your sit bones (glutes) while sitting in a meeting, maybe you flex and release your quads while standing in line, there are so many ways to keep using your muscles even while in standing or seated positions.
  6. Grab a quick video.  With the advent of YouTube and the iPhone, we are never more than a touch away from a quick exercise session.  Try doing a quick Pilates abs series from my good friends at Boston Body Pilates:

And if you need to hear this advice from someone other than me, think about the movie Finding Nemo, and take a page out of Dory’s book to “just keep swimming!”


  1. So I have acquired this habit of standing on one foot while I am doing my computer work standing up. Maybe I was a flamingo in a former life, but I imagine there may be pros/cons to this aviaresque stance? I also find myself doing this while waiting in line at the deli, weird. 🙂

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