Week Five: No Day But Today

“There’s only us.

There’s only this.

Forget regret – or life is yours to miss.”

Last week I went to see RENT with my sister and cousin. I love this show and have seen it a few times before, but this time it was being staged at the Provincetown Theatre, once an automotive garage where my father sold Ford vehicles.  Quite an experience being in the space now as a black box theatre.  As the cast belted out the lyrics to “No Day But Today”, I smiled and was reminded how important it is to live in the present moment.  After all, I coach clients to do this very thing, live each moment in love and light; but being human, I too often need a reminder.

This morning as I was driving back to the Cape from Boston, I was feeling edgy and frustrated as I traveled down 93.  So I went to my ‘go to’ mantra when feeling this way:

“Spirit, please take this feeling and reinterpret it for me.”

After repeating this several times, I waited for the resistance to breakdown and for some clarity to emerge, and it did.

I thought about what was making me cranky: laundry, litter boxes, unfinished house projects, and everything else on the ‘to do’ list that greets me when I return home once a week to see clients.  That and the total annoyance with myself that I polished off the bag of sweet potato chips that a friend left at the house the night before.  Dang, I was so happy just a few nights before — oblivious to these trivial chores — but now I was letting them consume me.

“Life is yours to miss…”

Living on the Cape while I teach Pilates and coach clients on how to have a positive relationship with food, I realize that I am living each day fully present and the ‘to do’ list items aren’t even on my radar.  Sure, ignorance can be bliss and we all have obligations, but is laundry really that big of a burden and are sweet potato chips really something to regret?

“Forget regret…”

As summer moves past it’s mid-point and we all feel the angst of the days getting shorter, I urge you to stay present and enjoy each moment of this remarkable season because as Jonathan Larson so eloquently wrote:

“Or life is yours to miss.”

So get the laundry done – or don’t – just don’t stress about it.

Enjoy the sweet potato chips and shrug and laugh when you realize that beach sand has taken over every crevice of your car.

If the sun is out, bask in it, and if rains, bask in that too or take a (surely) well deserved afternoon nap.

Whatever you do, recognize that this it, it’s all we’ve got: No Day But Today.

(Credit and gratitude to Mr. Larson for the inspiration.  Your legend lives on.)


  1. Mom

    When we learn that there really IS no day but today and more to the point no MINUTE but now that your instinct is to relax those shoulders and smile about the memory of your youngest grandchild learning how to say “gagaga”. It really IS an important moment in life.

    1. eroderick

      I love this comment and during the hectic pace of August will strive to not let the days blur by as we have so much to enjoy and cherish in every moment!

  2. Arianna

    I missed this one last week. I really like this one! I lay awake at nights stressing out about things that I simply can’t deal with at 12am. It’s the worst, and sometimes I feel like I can’t help it and the entire World is going to swallow me whole. I try to tell myself to stop thinking about it and that nothing can be done at this moment, so don’t stay awake thinking about it. I have a hard time living in the present, I am always thinking about what needs to get done tomorrow, or by the end of this week, or even a few months or years from now. It’s ridiculous and I know it is.

    When I was in college, I only had to go to class for 3 hours a day and had so much free time to do yoga, I was in a much better place. I was eating right and taking the time to focus on yoga, running, being with friends, and enjoying life in the moment. Now working two jobs and taking classes really makes me stress out which then makes me freak out, not be able to handle the littlest things, and call my mother just so I can unload my stress on someone else. My mother is a saint! And all she ever has to do is tell me to be positive and that everything’s going to be OK. And you everything always does work out and is OK! If I still have the time in my busy schedule to sit and complain about life, then I certainly have time to go for a run or do yoga. I just need to restore to that more.

    It is also amazing to see how Mom has changed since you’ve been on Cape, Jan. I feel like Mom and I have switched roles. She is so much more positive, she is taking care of her health, and working out. She always had it in her to be happy, but I can’t help but think that your being home and sharing your positivity with her has really helped. I can’t thank you enough! Love you!

  3. I could serve no greater purpose 🙂 🙂
    And you are on your way to greater awareness which is what brings positive change…
    So much love to you… 🙂

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