Week Four: Reflecting on the “Road Blocks”

“You don’t always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go, and see what happens.” This illustration popped into my life earlier this year just when I needed to see it.  I had become paralyzed by fear about starting my coaching practice and was struggling to figure out what to do next.  Each day felt like I was trudging through mud.  My energy was sapped, my creativity was drained, and my frustration grew as I couldn’t get past all the “what if’s” associated with starting my own business.  Then the balloon appeared with the encouragement to let go and see what happens.  It actually floated alongside several other signs that the Universe was sending me, but this was the one that helped me to release the “road blocks” (i.e. fear, fear, and a bit more fear) that obstructed my path.  So I made the decision to go for it.  I released the fear and focused on having faith that my desire to help others would guide me.

Fast forward several months and while meeting with a group of fellow health coaches, I listened to a woman talk about how scared she is to leave the security of her job and “take the plunge.”  Suddenly, I heard this voice, which sounded just like me saying, “This is what you need to do:  First, figure out your finances and determine what you really need to pay your bills and how long you can carry yourself before making a steady income.  Second, line up either a class or sign one or two clients so that you have something in place to get you started.  And three, don’t run off and spend all kinds of money on a fancy website, equipment, or whatever else you think you need to launch your business.  You’ll be surprised at how little you need to get started.  Save these purchases and investments for when you are making a steady income.  Oh, and have faith that it will work out.”   Umm, was that just me who so confidently rattled off the road map that eluded me just a few months ago?

It was, and here’s my point.  When we are faced with big decisions or when we are trying to make change, there are so many obstacles that stand in our way.  We tend to overanalyze, over plan, and then do nothing.  So let go of what blocks your path and the answers will emerge.  I didn’t realize until I was sharing this advice that this is exactly what happened to me – I let go of my fears and the work that I needed to do emerged.  It’s as if the road blocks were replaced with bright, new mile markers guiding my path.

So how might this concept apply in your life?  Perhaps you are trying to let go of negative thought patterns associated with eating and need to release these blocks so that you can be guided towards a more positive relationship with food.  Whatever the case may be, we all encounter bumps at various stages in our lives that slow us down, and maybe we just need to let go – without a perfectly orchestrated plan – and see what guidance appears along the way.

Begin your own process of release by sharing what blocks you in the comments below…

(Image credit: Katiskrabbels)


  1. Chris Lavenets

    I loved your class and your blog as well. See you Tuesday.

  2. Mom

    It’s as if the road blocks were replaced with bright, new mile markers guiding my path.” ….I absolutely LOVE this quote. I am printing this out and hanging it up at my desk!!! It is so hard to keep remembering that a small shift in perception can make a huge shift in your reality. Thanks Jan!

  3. eroderick

    As per usual I very much enjoyed reading this as I told myself to pause from the early morning work hours which are a signature of August. Two things came to mind while reading this: the first being Craig (the Baron). I am not sure why, but maybe he is an example of an inspiration who seems to create his path with only bright, new mile markers. The second was that I know I have roadblocks fairly often, although at this point I don’t even know what they are! Yet every now and then a clear sojourn looks to be forming just ahead – may I will reach it today 🙂

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