Week Seven: It’s not over, it’s never really over.

So I’m a few days late in writing about week seven. Honestly, a combination of being away for the weekend in New Hampshire with family and more so that nothing was really speaking to me.  There was no message calling on me to share, so rather than trying to conjure something up, I gave myself the time and space to see what would emerge (bonus hidden lesson), and today it finally did.

Today I woke up, back in my home in Watertown surrounded by tote bags of books and folders related to my work and duffle bags filled with clothes that I have been transporting back and forth and all around New England for the last seven weeks.  I’ll indulge my husband and admit that I only wore about 25% of what I constantly trucked around, but hey, what if I needed that fifth sundress to wear even if the other four sat untouched all summer?  Most women are nodding in agreement right now, but anyway, back to my point…

This morning I woke up and thought, OMG this is it.  The last week before Labor Day, the last (unofficial) week of summer, the last opportunity to take my nephews to the beach and watch them chase the waves.  Wait, what?!?  Why do I do this to myself every year?  Why do I always set myself up for the end of August blues by focusing on how all of the things that I enjoyed over the summer will soon end?  Maybe it’s because for the vast majority of my life I was in school or worked in higher education, so Labor Day always meant “back to school” and with it a perception that the fun needed to end.  But why?  Don’t I have fun and do things the other 305 days of the year?  Yes, I do.  We all do, but for some reason we hold on to July and August like they represent our last breath.  So today I am changing my outlook.

As of this Monday, the week before Labor Day, I choose to believe that the summer months are not over, the joy and laughter that fills those long, sandy days does not end here.  After all, just because it has happened, does not mean it is over, right?  The moments, the memories, they are always there for us to feel, embrace, enjoy — and hell, if all else fails, just grab your phone and scroll through the treasure trove of images that you have surely amassed over these glorious eight weeks.

So who’s with me?  Let’s put an end to our “last week of August” anxiety and let that glow of the sun remind us that it’s never really over.


  1. Sass

    PERFECT!!! I am totally onboard!!! I have given up worrying whether we will be ready for the first day of school. If we are or if we aren’t, the kids will be getting off those buses to fill our lives with another year of smiles, chuckles and outright guffaws. I am SO ready!!!! 🙂

    1. Yes! The Universe knows what needs to happen, so it will! No need to worry on that front, just enjoy the fun of it all and rest assured that I will be down this weekend to celebrate every second!

  2. Aunt Marge

    So it is true that we are leaving one leg of our adventure entitled “Life”, but oh, how exciting that we have turned the page to the next chapter! Warm days, crisp evenings, and the total stimulation of our senses. The smell of wood burning and apples baking, the glorious colors in the changing leaves, listening to the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet as you enjoy a late afternoon walk, and just a hint of the taste of cinnamon or pumpkin when you share a kiss with someone you love! Thank you Jan for all that you do to make us think about many things as we “Get Lively”

    1. Well said! And thank you for joining me on the adventure! I am grateful for every leg lift and ab crunch that you did this summer to support “Get Lively” and for you to “Get Lively” – keep up the great work. 🙂

    2. eroderick

      Aunt Marge – you are a poet! I absolutely loved this description of the upcoming Fall. I will add: and the curious gazes each morning as the boys check the flowering vines for a pumpkin! 🙂

  3. Just the inspiration I needed to get me through my last week in London!! Thank you for always knowing exactly what to say! 🙂

  4. Heather

    So true was just thinking to myself, crap I missed summer again!!!! Going to try to carry summer with me straight through to next May!!!!!

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